Action Team Leader Application Process

Interested in applying to be a Team Leader? 

  1. Complete and submit the online LEADER application (DUE: October 2, 2017). You will have the opportunity to tell us which teams you are most interested in leading within the application.  We will also talk more about it in your interview. 
  2. Share the link for the online Leader reference form with someone who has mentored, pastored, taught or lead you recently. This form cannot be completed by a peer, significant other or relative: We believe they should be biased toward you. Click this link for reference form.
  3. Come into the Center for Student Action office to sign-up for an interview which will take place September 18 – October 6, 2017. We are located on East Campus near the Rose Garden in the building with all of the international flags hanging on the roof.

On October 7, 2017 we will begin the placement process and shortly after each applicant will receive a phone call. If there are any trips that still need a leader by October 18, we will conduct interviews and placement on a rolling basis until each team is filled or November 4, whichever comes first. Contact Laurelyn Shaw at if you are interested. 

A note about our placement process:

Our goal as the Action Team staff is to place team leaders on trips that will benefit most from what they uniquely bring in terms of experience, passion, knowledge and skill.  In order to do this, we take several things into consideration during our placement process: 

  1. Where you want to go: You have the opportunity in the application to tell us three trips you are most interested in leading.  If you don’t have a preference in location but simply want to lead, let us know that, too by selecting “any team.” 
  2. Insight from your reference: Those who have invested in you personally have perspective on what you bring to a leadership position and team environment and that is why we ask for their input. Each trip has different needs based on the location, type of ministry and the nature of our relationship with the local host. The more we know about you the better we place you on a team that needs what you bring.  
  3. Your story and experience: We want to hear about your experiences and desire to facilitate an experience for others so we will ask about those things in an interview. We believe God has placed people, locations and ministries on your heart so we will talk about that.
  4. The needs of our hosts: We partner with a variety of sending organizations who have expertise in the cultures where they work and the types of ministry they do. Each host relationship looks a little different in terms of the host’s level of involvement and our team leader’s responsibility. It is important for the leader and the host that we do our best to place leaders well
  5. Prayer: Most important of all, the Action Team staff is praying for God’s wisdom, discernment and insight as we place team leaders.  We can’t know everything so we rely heavily on God to lead us.