Member Application Process

(FOR 2017-2018 TEAMS)

Member Application Process:

  1. Complete and submit the online application. You will have the opportunity to tell us which teams you are most interested in leading within the application.  We will also talk more about it in your interview.  
  2. Starting October 23, come into the Center for Student Action office to sign-up for an interview time. Interview days are on Saturdays, November 4 and November 11. We are located on East Campus near the Rose Garden in the building with all of the international flags hanging on the roof.

Member Interview Process

  • You can interview for up to 3 teams. Each team will be a separate interview.
  • All interviews will take place on Saturdays, November 4 and November 11.
  • Interview times are first come first served and based on the trip leaders’ availability.
  • The interview sign up book will be available to you on Monday, October 23 at the front desk in the Mobilization office (the building with the flags) of the Center for Student Action.
  • The last day to apply is November  10, and interviews are available on a first come first served basis.
  • If you are studying abroad and need to set up a skype interview, please email This options is only available for those studying away.

No team placement is guaranteed and every member must be interviewed so even if you have talked with a team leader or an advisor, you still need to come in for an interview on one of those days.