MEXICO Outreach

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It doesn’t matter what age you are, Mexico Outreach is life-changing. Mexico Outreach was founded on the principle that young people of all ages can be effective in sharing the Gospel, and that within them are many gifts and talents to do so. Who is to say that one of them might not grow into a “Daniel,” and another into the next great missionary of our generation? Our prayer is that every participant with Mexico Outreach experiences Jesus Christ and finds themselves renewed in purpose in Him. 


Spring Break 2019

Dates:  March 2-6, 2019  |  Location: Mexicali Base Camp

Click HERE - for Team Overviews for the Spring Break Trip! (These are the teams you can be a part of and sign up to serve with!)

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  • Team Member Cost: $325

  • Team Leader Cost: $180

  • Event Staff/Interpreters: $180

  • *See below for Event Staff and Team Luke pricing

Pertinent Information:

  • $50 Role Discounts are available for Drivers, Interpreters, & International Students. International Students must be registered with ISS to qualify for discount. Students are only eligible to receive 1 of these discounts, despite qualifying for multiple roles. Leaders are unable to receive these discounts because they are already receiving a discount for being a leader.

  • $100 Alumni Discounts are available for students who attended Thanksgiving 2018. Discounts are only available for those who attended in the same academic year, nothing before that. The alumni discount is not impacted by Role Discounts or Needs-Based Scholarships, but cannot be combined with an Event Staff position as price is already fully discounted.

  • *Event Staff Teams (Barnabas, Nehemiah, Stephen, and Interpreters): $180 (same price for members and leaders) Students on these teams are not eligible for Role Discounts & Alumni Discounts.

  • *Team Luke Leaders: $230 (Includes a $50 Team Luke programming fee)

  • *Team Luke Members: $375 (Includes a $50 Team Luke programming fee)

  • As apart of their cost, students will pay a $35 non-refundable admin fee. This is already included in the overall cost, not in addition to it. Students are eligible to receive a full refund less the $35 admin fee until the payment deadline (February 15, 2019). After this, they are unable to receive a refund. If a student cancels after the payment deadline, CSA will hold the funds received, less $35 non-refundable admin fee, as a credit to be applied towards any CSA trip over the course of 1 academic year.

Encuentro mexico

Dates: March 29-31 | April 18-21

Click HERE - for Team Overviews for September & October Encuentro Trips! (These are the teams you can be a part of and sign up to serve with!)

  • Cost: $99

  • Discounts not applicable

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For more information regarding Mexico Outreach, please contact mologistics@apu.edu