Leader Role Description

The Action Team Leader provides leadership and coordination to one of the Center for Student Action’s (CSA) Action Teams.  Primary attention is given to the recruitment of team members, the facilitation of team development and training, and implementation of trip logistics while on-field.  The Action Team Leader will also work alongside the Action Team Staff to facilitate an experience that encourages the faith development and personal development of individual team members that leads to a greater understanding of God, self and others.  Additionally, it is imperative that team leaders recognize that the context for ministry is two-fold: 1) the distinct community of each team and 2) the specific community with whom they minister within the global community.  An Action Team Leader’s primary responsibilities include:

  1. Act as a representative of Christ, Azusa Pacific University, and the Center for Student Action at all times
    1. Hold members accountable to the student code of conduct
    2. Demonstrate maturity and honorably represent APU and the community of Christ while traveling to and from your site, as well as while on-field
    3. Uphold financial stewardship with all money entrusted to you in accordance with University guidelines
  2. Mobilization of undergraduate students towards participation on an Action Team
    1. Recruit on average 8-10 team members for their team as determined by the host
  3. Actively participate in Action Team Leader Training times
    1. Attend a bi-weekly leader group training meeting with the Action Team Staff
    2. Attend a weekend training retreat for leaders in January 2018 and the weekend training retreat for all teams in February 2018
  4. Facilitate team development and team bonding
    1. Coordinate bi-weekly team meetings for the purposes of training, education, team bonding, and faith development
    2. Work in collaboration with the Action Team staff to research and prepare culture-specific information for the team
    3. Facilitate consistent on-field debrief meetings with the team for the purpose of helping them process their experiences as they go
  5. Work in collaboration with the CSA Operations & Finance team to facilitate the logistics of an Action Team
    1. Consistently communicate financial obligations of each team member as well as financial feedback to the CSA Finance Coordinator when needed
    2. Hold team members accountable to turning in the proper registration paperwork in a timely fashion
    3. Act as a liaison between the CSA staff and Action Team on-field host both pre-trip and during the trip
    4. Implement the training received to respond to any on-field emergencies in accordance with the APU Emergency Action Plan, alongside the on-field host, and in communication with the Center for Student Action
  6. Collaborate with the Action Team Staff to coordinate fundraising opportunities for the team
    1. Take responsibility for the fundraising efforts of your team
    2. Advocate for their best interest in the fundraising process


All leaders will receive intensive training and leadership development, which includes an all-expenses paid leaders retreat and a 25% discount on the overall cost of their trip. Alumni Action Team members and leaders from 2016 & 2017 are also eligible for a $200 scholarship toward the cost of their trip.