7: Friendship, Radically Following Jesus & What's Next

Abby Sunu & Alexis (Lex) Brown, our CSA Poster Children! :) These two absolutely set APU on fire by pursuing Jesus recklessly. We were blessed, blessed, blessed, to work with Lex & Abby for two years, Lex with Local Engagement and Abby with Marketing. This podcast highlights their journeys with Jesus, stories of friendship, plans for the future, and hopes for APU and beyond. Check it out, you will be #blesssed

Abby and Lex, your legacy lives on!

6: Director Karen Rouggly Hosts Global Missions Organizations; Testimonies, Ministries & Missions

Missionaries On The Walk is a three-day event where Christ-centered organizations from around the world come to meet APU students! They bring passion and authenticity, internships, short- and long-term service opportunities, special words in chapel, and all kinds of (ethically made) swag from around the world. Check out this podcast where Karen Rouggly, our Director, hosts: Andy Baker and Katrina Spencer from Remember The Children, and Alyssa Strickling from GoCorps. Enjoy! - Topics include: their stories, ministries, and short-term missions.

5: Interfaith Dialogue, Discipleship & Articulating Your "Why"

Connor Lott is a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Marketing, with an emphasis in Music Business and Music Production. Through studying marketing and music, ministry and the passion for making disciples was a natural outflow of his life following Jesus. Transferring to APU Spring 2017, he took his year of experience dialoguing with the Latter Day Saint community, and restarted the Utah Action Team over Spring Break, partnering with Standing Together, to engage in interfaith dialogue with students from different universities in Utah. He finds it vital for followers of Jesus to understand what they believe and why, and how to articulate that belief. Most importantly though, communicate those truths with love, gentleness, and respect; not losing sight of who people are because of differing beliefs or theologies, as they are dearly loved by God. Being responsible in this endeavor is important, so Connor believes further equipping within school and church contexts is something that needs to continue to happen. He is hoping to facilitate workshops and trainings, as well as support those already engaging in interfaith dialogue with a wide array of people. If you have any questions, need resources, or simply want to reach out, please don’t hesitate to email connor.m.lott@gmail.com

4: Paradise Fire of 2018 & Everette Risley on Losing His Home

Everette Risley, Sophomore, Biblical Studies Major - Everette was born and raised in Paradise, California. He lost his home of 18 years in the Butte County Fire. In this episode of the Responsible Revolution, Everette shares what it was like to receive news of the fire while he was studying away in South Africa, see his home and community for the first time post-fire, as well as why he is so passionate about going to serve. Check it out and join Everette on Paradise Rise.

3: Local Engagement, Modern-Day Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention

Ashley Jones, Senior at APU and Student Ministry Coordinator for Local Engagement with CSA - On our first “Issues and Initiatives” podcast, Ashley talks about modern day slavery and what she is doing through a recently launched initiative to mobilize and educate APU students to be modern day abolitionists. Qavah Home Ministry is a Human Trafficking Prevention initiative that provides opportunities for education, intervention, and survivor support.

2: Short-Term Missions, The "Big C" Church & Exhortation

Laurelyn Shaw, our former Sr. Program Coordinator for Action Teams - Before her departure, we met with Laurelyn over several cups of coffee and absorbed all of the knowledge and wisdom we possibly could. Tune in to hear LShaw's perspective on the purpose and impact of Action Teams, the future of Short-Term Missions and the Big C Church, her personal testimony of Faith and Leadership, and as only she can do, a genuine exhortation for the Body of Christ.

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