5: Interfaith Dialogue, Discipleship & Articulating Your "Why"

Connor Lott is a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Marketing, with an emphasis in Music Business and Music Production. Through studying marketing and music, ministry and the passion for making disciples was a natural outflow of his life following Jesus. Transferring to APU Spring 2017, he took his year of experience dialoguing with the Latter Day Saint community, and restarted the Utah Action Team over Spring Break, partnering with Standing Together, to engage in interfaith dialogue with students from different universities in Utah. He finds it vital for followers of Jesus to understand what they believe and why, and how to articulate that belief. Most importantly though, communicate those truths with love, gentleness, and respect; not losing sight of who people are because of differing beliefs or theologies, as they are dearly loved by God. Being responsible in this endeavor is important, so Connor believes further equipping within school and church contexts is something that needs to continue to happen. He is hoping to facilitate workshops and trainings, as well as support those already engaging in interfaith dialogue with a wide array of people. If you have any questions, need resources, or simply want to reach out, please don’t hesitate to email connor.m.lott@gmail.com