Los Angeles

Dream Center | Various | Spring Break – March 2 – March 9 | Cost: $700 | Team size: 15 max

8 days of urban immersion learning and ministry in the Los Angeles area with Dr. Gregg Moder. The team will take an academic course, Exegeting the City (MINC 487) as well as participate in various ministries through the Dream Center such as food truck mobile food distribution, Adopt-A-Block outreach, Under the Bridge feeding program, Foster Care Intervention, and so much more. Students interested in this team will need to complete the Action Team online application as well as enroll in the course through the registrar. 

Puerto Rico

Praying Pelican Missions | Physical Labor | March 3 – March 11 | Cost: $2,000.00 | Team size: 24 max

In the aftermath of Hurricane’s Irma and Maria, San Juan is seeing restoration of infrastructure, banks, medical centers, shopping centers, and restaurants. Water is available to most San Juan homes and business.  Water is slowly being restored to the rest of the Island. Electricity is slowly being returned to the city with the current goal of complete power restoration for San Juan and Ponce by early December. The goal for the whole Island is late February. The churches are in a 6 month emergency response for their congregations on the Island. Churches are establishing denominational emergency centers across the Islands for: Providing hot meals, distribution of additional food and water to those in need, minor medical assistance and health clinics. This team will be assisting emergency centers and PPM host churches in community assistance as the Island works toward completing repairs to infrastructure.


Manolo | Various, Physical Labor |May 7 – May 19 | Cost: $2,500.00 | Team size: 10-12

Join a local pastor in providing various types of community development services to the marginalized Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic. This ministry focuses on building projects for various schools and churches that serve Haitian children who have no others means of education. This year’s project will involve building a basketball court, putting a new roof on an existing school, and other small physical labor projects.


Standing Together | Relational | Spring Break – March 3 – March 10, 2018 | $800 | Team size: 10-12

This trip is a Mormon Immersion experience that involves learning about Mormonism, visiting historical sites in SLC, engaging Mormon leaders and scholars, and hosting dialogue discussion groups where students engage LDS counterparts in thoughtful theological dialogue. Learn about your own faith by examining it alongside of another one.



Living and Learning International | Youth | May 14 – June 1 | $2,700.00 | Team size: 10-12

Youth World was founded to impact Latin America and the world by reaching young people with the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. This team will focus on spending time with the youth in Quito and in the Amazon Jungle through camping, skate boarding, sports, and other areas in partnership with the local church. (


Clubhouse Guatemala | Various | May 7 – May 21 | $2,350.00 | Team size: 10-12

Clubhouse is a multi-project ministry using things like food packs, chicken coops, house construction, water filters, education, medical and dental, men’s and women’s conferences, VBS, Sports camps and other ways to share the gospel and to help change future generations in Guatemala. Team members will have a wide variety of opportunities to share their faith, be challenged both physically and spiritually, and get a feel for what the life of missions is about. They will also have the unique opportunity to help the Clubhouse staff prepare for their summer of ministry. (


STINT | Various | May 12 – May 22 | $2,200.00 | Team size: 10-12

Students will have the opportunity to serve alongside a full-time Students International staff person in an area of their vocational interests or passions. SI is doing community development through ministries of health care, appropriate technology, agriculture, education, micro-finance, sports, and social work in Masaya, Nicaragua. When students come on a trip they are able to work in a ministry site and help with the on-going work of the ministry to build relationships and share the Gospel through meeting physical needs. (


Kids Alive International | Kids | May 7 – June 12 | $3,800.00 | Team size: 10-12

Kids Alive International has a care center in Pucallpa, Peru where we work to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of kids at risk. Come walk alongside our everyday staff to minister to these kids by helping with homework, working on the physical facilities and just spending some time loving kids that have very little. Your heart and your eyes will be opened to what God is doing in the world and in the lives of those who live in poverty. (




Avant Ministries | Relational | June 2 – June 19 | Cost: $3,800.00 | Team size: 6-8

Do you long for a ministry among muslims on a peer to peer basis? Dakar is a capital city with thousands of university students who are open to the gospel and while growing up “muslim” they are seeking for a spiritual renaissance. Join us with teaching, sports, and community activities as we seek to reach the emerging generation of West Africa. (


MUST | Specialized, Computer Science | May 7 – June 4 | $4,600.00 | Team size: 8-10

This trip is designed for students who want to use their Computer Science skills to make a positive social impact in the world. APU students will partner with CS students/professors from the Namibia University of Science & Technology to continue work on a project to create an electronic medical record system for Namibia’s public hospital system. Students are expected to take a 1-credit course (CS495) in the CS department during Fall 2016 and/or Spring 2017 semester(s) where they will be working on this project contributing code to an open-source system called HospitalRun. Contact Dr. Dan Grissom for more information.


Victory Community Care | Kids | June 29 – August 2 | $4,200.00 | Team size: 5-7

Serve in a local orphanage by building deep relationships with both the children and the staff. The team may also be able to help with various projects through Victory Community Care’s ministry. Their ministry extends to the children in Akanajuka Orphange, the young boys in the Hemora Boy’s Home, the women being trained and encouraged through the micro-finance loan ministry, as well as the local school and church in the community. This trip will enable you to deeply invest into a community and fully engage in an entirely different culture in the month long trip. You’ll have an opportunity to go on a safari and closely experience the things that make East Africa such a colorful and lively place. (



Himalayas - May

United World Mission | Relational | May 12 – June 6 | $4,500.00 | Team size: 4-6

In the mysterious foothills of the Himalayas live mountain peoples who have remained relatively isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. There are villages that have no believers, have never heard, and have no one intentionally trying to reach them. Journey with us at these extreme high altitudes (10k-16k ft) praying through day hikes and short treks to open new relational doors while sharing the love of Christ. The first week we will be training and acclimating doing day trips (driving and hiking) to learn more about the local culture and history. The second week will be a multi-day PR trek through an established, yet remote, pilgrimage trail around one of the largest mountains in the area. The third week will be traveling through remote villages.

Himalayas – June 

United World Mission | Relational | June 6 – July 1 | $4,500.00 | Team size: 4-6

In the mysterious foothills of the Himalayas live mountain peoples who have remained relatively isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. There are villages that have no believers, have never heard, and have no one intentionally trying to reach them. Journey with us at these extreme high altitudes (10k-16k ft) praying through day hikes and short treks to open new relational doors while sharing the love of Christ. The first week we will be training and acclimating doing day trips (driving and hiking) to learn more about the local culture and history. The second week will be a multi-day PR trek through an established, yet remote, pilgrimage trail around one of the largest mountains in the area. The third week will be traveling through remote villages.


Truthseekers | Specialized, Medical | May 10 – June 4 | Cost: $3,600.00 | Team size: 5-7

This team will travel alongside Dr Emerson from APU to expand their knowledge of medical practices by shadowing Indian doctors in a hospital for about two weeks as well as setting up clinics around New Delhi. They will also assist a local pastor for a day or two with Vacation Bible School and work with an organization that focuses on social issues for the lower castes. Who can go? Sophomores and juniors in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or applied health majors (anyone who is premed). Need to have been a part of Team Luke, with Mexico Outreach, at least once. If you haven’t done that, you can participate this
Thanksgiving or during Spring Break. (



IPH Schools | Kids, Youth | June 19 – July 20 | $3,300.00 | Team size: 10-12

IPH School is a Christian school with more than 1,600 students. They will be hosting their very first Summer Camp open to their students and the public. This team will help to lead several activities, such as games, sports, teaching English, and other activities related to their specific skills. It will be a great opportunity to experience cultural exchange, build relationships and share the good news of Jesus Christ.


ELIC | Kids, Youth

Currently, 1.5 million Syrian refugees find a safe-haven in Lebanon. The war in Syria has brought about devastation in a variety of forms and has resulted in many children being out of the classroom, often for years at a time. This team will have the unique opportunity to pour into the lives of these young students at a pivotal time in their lives and when their world-view is just beginning to form. Whether you have previous teaching experience or not, you are needed and ELIC will provide you with the training necessary to ensure an impactful summer. (


Seiwa School | Youth | July 9 – August 4 | Cost: $2,500.00 | Team size: 8-10

Seiwa Girls Junior and Senior High School is a Christian school where 95% of students are not Christians and is located within a society where only 1% of the population are Christians. During our summer break we host English Camps for students and an elementary English day as well as other fun activities to share culture, build relationships and share the good news of Jesus Christ with students and teachers. Come and stay with us to grow in your own faith as you help others find God.


Young Life Expeditions | Youth | May 7 – June 10 | $4,500 | Team size: 6-8

Young Life is serving the kids in Pokhara, Nepal through a variety of avenues all based on relationship. This team will participate in English language training, specifically. Experience with YoungLife is preferred but not required.


REI | College, Relational | May 9 – June 7 | $3,000 | Team size: 6-10

The team will have a special opportunity to reach out to their peers in a place where few ever hear the gospel. This is a college campus cultural exchange program designed to connect you to local students through classes, field trips, home stays, and plenty of planned and spontaneous social time. Team members get to learn some language and live the culture, while their host peers practice English and learn about America. Experience a new culture, make lasting friendships, and share the hope of Christ.


Footsteps Missions | Various | May 7 – May 31 | $3,400.00 | Team size: 10-12

This trip has a strong social justice and social work focus. The team will learn about human trafficking in Thailand and have opportunities to help some ministries that are working to overcome it. These ministries include orphanages, local churches, and ministries that provide job training for trafficking victims.




Mercy Projects | Various | May 11 – May 31 | $3,400.00 | Team size: 4-6

Mercy Projects has a long history of working in places like Ukraine, Kosovo, Russia, Armenia, and Georgia in different capacities but all with the same goal: to come alongside youth and their families and provide them with both physical and spiritual tools to grow. The desire to learn English is strong there but in the rural areas of the country particularly, it is near-impossible to find a native English speaker. Recently, the doors into the public schools have opened for Mercy Projects so this team will have the opportunity to work with Muslim and Christian students teaching English, building relationships and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ


iTeams | Relational | May 31 – June 25 | $4,400.00 | Team size: 8-10

Our team in Athens is Supporting the local church, serving the needs of the community of Koukaki and planting gospel seeds that take root and bear fruit in lives transformed through Jesus. Working under the umbrella of the 2nd Evangelical Church in Koukaki we demonstrate and proclaim the gospel. We demonstrate through practical services offering, food, showers, clothing, language and computer classes, youth ministry and community service such as cleaning parks and streets. We also preach the gospel through bible studies and special evangelistic programs. (


GMTI | Relational, Various | May 11 – June 12 | $4,400.00 | Team size: 10-12

The people of Dublin have become more and more disillusioned with religion. Our goal is to address and meet their practical needs while building relationships and sharing the gospel. Our mission is simply to bring people closer to Jesus. This team will have varied opportunities to serve the people of Ireland such as: An evening outreach to homeless people and addicts, with referrals to a Christian rehabilitation program; Ministry to inner-city children and families, including after-school care, a Bible program, and summer camps: Music ministry: Discussions with retirees over tea and coffee: Prayer-walking through the city and more.


OM | Various | June 9 – June 26 | $2,900.00 | Team size: 10-12

This team will be working with local churches, organizing a day camp for children, visiting elderly people in their homes, and possibly helping practically where needed. The purpose of this outreach is to help the local churches in their ministries by reaching out to children, youth, and elderly in villages. ( | )


Josiah Venture | Youth | June 18 – July 20 | Cost: $3,950.00 | Team size: 10-12

This team will help organize an evangelistic English camp for Polish Teenagers. Josiah Venture camps have a two-fold vision for growth. First, we long to see the youth groups in local Polish churches grow. Camps provide an opportunity for local Polish youth leaders to raise up a team of students to be equipped in the areas of evangelism and discipleship. Students will be encouraged to reach out to their friends at school and invite them to the camp. They will then have the opportunity to share the hope of Christ with their friends in a safe and relational environment at camp, and continue in those relationships when camp is over. Second, we long to see you and your team grow! Through building relationships with Polish believers and unbelievers, you will have the opportunity to encourage, love, pass on the message of Jesus, and grow in confidence and passion for the lost and the world. (


Remember the Children | Kids | May 7 – May 29 | $3,550.00 | Team size: 10-12

Remember the Children is about relationships and consistently telling and showing children that they matter. This trip will provide opportunities for you to do that for a child needing to experience moments of real love. Each day will be spent in villages and orphan homes where we have an ongoing ministry focused on building into the lives of children. You can be a part of helping these kids feel valued and giving them direction toward making good decisions for their lives. (


Edge Project | Relational | June 2 – July 4 | $5,300.00 | Team size: 10-12

Edge Project is a relational mission that focuses on empowering individuals through the arts and establishing multi-cultural communities of faith. We believe that when we take the time to be intentional and create things that bring a visual framework for our ideas and beliefs, we can learn a great deal about ourselves, our purpose, and our God. We also believe we can grow and learn through cultural experiences that are personal, hands on, & practical. So, we will immerse ourselves in the Spanish culture and live in houses throughout the town of Altea creating a community of believers while building relationships with the local people in natural and organic settings. We will focus on discovering your passion and helping you to live it out practically in order to know God and make Him known through Art, Culture, and Faith.


Josiah Venture | Youth | June 26 – July 27 | $3,500.00 | Team size: 10-12

For over 20 years Josiah Venture has partnered with local churches throughout Central and Eastern Europe to put on life-changing camps for youth. The purpose of these camps is to provide fun and effective language learning for campers, expose them to the Gospel and connect them to a local church where they can be discipled and grow in their faith. We see God moving in this exciting ministry to produce fruit and transform the next generation of disciples for Christ and short-term teams play a significant role in God’s work at these camps. During your trip, you will serve on a team and be responsible for multiple aspects of camp, including: teaching English, leading games, hosting night parties and building key relationships with campers. Josiah Venture will provide training for teams prior to and during their trip. You will also have the opportunity to stay in some local homes to meet families and experience a little bit of Ukrainian culture and hospitality. (


Specialized, Choir | May 7 – May 25 | $2,995.00

This trip is an opportunity to for the APU Bel Canto choir to continue their ministry throughout Ukraine this summer. The team will sing in various churches, schools and other locations around Lviv and Kiev sharing the gospel through music. They will also teach English lessons in the schools and help promote Josiah Venture’s summer English camps. (