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welcome to the revolution

We believe that creating a “Responsible Revolution” is one of our ultimate dreams within the Center.  We desire to create such a sense of faith in action that, as a community, we will “revolt” against what the world says is success and replace those ideas with thoughts more aligned with Christ.
— Matt Browning


EPISODE ONE - Matt Browning, Associate VP for Local and Global Engagement at APU & Founder of The Responsible Revolution. Hear the origin story, his heart and vision, and invitation for all those ready to Stop Talking and Start Acting.



EPISODE TWO - Laurelyn Shaw, our former Sr. Program Coordinator for Action Teams - Before her departure, we met with Laurelyn over several cups of coffee and absorbed all of the knowledge and wisdom we possibly could. Tune in to hear LShaw's perspective on the purpose and impact of Action Teams, the future of Short-Term Missions and the Big C Church, her personal testimony of Faith and Leadership, and as only she can do, a genuine exhortation for the Body of Christ.